Strategic Planning

 Mission-to-Tactics strategic planning  is for companies whose corporate mission is clear, but it is the process of tying together of (1) the corporate mission, (2) qualitative and quantitative shifts, (3) the chosen strategic options, and (4) the resulting corporate development functional tactics.  We understand the quantitative and qualitative aspects of designing and implementing tomorrow’s enterprises. We work with you to evolve your vision for how your organization creates, delivers and captures value, and develop or improve the analytics to implement it, and deliver value while managing risk.   

Finance and Operations Strategy

 We have invested in or advised dozens of dynamic companies-from early and development stage through emerging growth.    We sharpen your financial value propositions, and improve how you communicate your business DNA including value prop diagrams. The challenge is often that the concepts must be simple, relevant, intuitively understandable and rapidly executable.   We collectively develop answers to the key questions always asked by people who analyze value and invest in companies. The emphasis will be to clarify and improve any areas of strategic, operational weakness or threat that outside analysts might use to potentially discount the value of your company, and align your financial strategy with corporate priorities. Most of all, execution teams need to be held accountable.  

Business Development

We put our experience and industry contacts to work for our clients. We are often measured on the fit of deals, partnerships, alliances, joint ventures, investors and customers.   

Market and Marketing Strategy

 We help with market analysis and sizing, differentation and competitive analysis, value propositions, product or service positioning, pricing strategy, opportunity analysis, and online marketing strategies and traditional investor relations “pull vs push”.    

Sales and Distribution

We help with customer acquisition analysis and valuation, strategic relationships, alliances, joint ventures, channels, prospect identification and lead generation, compensation plans, revenue projections and commercial diligence.    


We help with R&D roadmaps, GAP analysis, differentiation, alliances, implementation partners, risk assessment, licensing and intellectual property strategy.